Welcome. If you found this site, there is no point in explaining why these devices is necessary.

This is my first post. On this site, I will share my experience.

Let's get straight to business. The original Lovense vibe 2.0 charges from the USB, however the remote that catches the sounds and affects the vibration works from the battery. It is enough for 4 hours of continuous use, which is not worth its money. Also, by its specificity, if the device does not receive any sounds for a long time (5 minutes), it turns off. And for this reason, most models work with tools turned off. So why pay for a non-working original if you can purchase an identical copy of it several times cheaper? Our model has proportions of the unique device and is printed on professional equipment made of food plastic PLA (which is not harmful to the skin).

An expensive vibrator plus a high-quality webcam sets the entry threshold too high. Cost of Lovense Lush vibrator depending on configuration)

In its shape, the toy resembles a vibrator for two or a clitoral-vaginal vibrator, but it is an exciting and unusual thing - a vibrator-cybersex. A sex toy capable of running from a smartphone and even an Apple watch. All you need is to install the app, and the gadget will play the role of a dashboard.

Vibration modes can be set to anything - their number is unlimited. Also, the toy can repeat the rhythms of music: a microphone is built into the toy, which responds to sounds and repeats them, turning them into vibration waves.

Combine listening to your favorite track and sexual pleasure!

Lovense Lush Bullet Vibrator is a very cool sex toy for two! You can play with her at home, you can take her with you when you go to a cafe or for a walk, and only you will know that in a girl - a beautiful little vibration, and in the hands of a man - a smartphone. And even if you go to different places in the world, it will work!

Besides, Lovense Lush Bullet Vibrator is now a trendy toy in sex chat rooms. Men pay to run this toy! Vibroyacho adjusts to the range of tokens (this is the currency of sex chat), and the man, leaving tokens, sets the rhythm and time of vibration of the toy inside the girl! (Other Lovense toys capable of responding to tokens are the Nora vibrator and the Hush anal plug.)

It is the most potent vibrator to date, working with the help of a gadget! It is about three times more potent than most vibrators, vibrators for a pair of vibrators. This vibrator is much more compact than the Vibro-panties - it is completely invisible through the laundry, and it makes no noise while in the vagina. You can easily go shopping with it.